Ceramic Coatings are the 21st century technology for protecting automotive surfaces, replacing wax and sealants. Coatings chemically bond to vehicle surfaces, becoming a long term protective layer while also enhancing vehicle finishes.

Ceramic Coatings provide durable protection against UV rays, chemical contamination, color fading, bird bombs, and insect splatter. They also enhance the hardness of the clear coat, helping to protect from the light scratching and marring from improper wash techniques.

The hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Coatings create a surface condition that is extremely difficult for contamination or water to stick to. This ‘self-cleaning effect’ causes coated vehicle surfaces to remain cleaner for longer and allows for super quick and easy cleaning of surfaces.

Lastly, since Ceramic Coatings actually lay down within the clear coat, they level out the surface texture and increase the gloss levels and reflectivity of surfaces.   

How Ceramic Coatings Work


Think of Ceramics Coatings as second layer of skin, or an added sacrificial layer of protection over your vehicles’s clear coat.

Utilizing nano technology (tiny particles) Ceramic Coatings form a thin transparent layer completely invisible to the eye. These particles seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), resistant to UV, scratches, chemical contamination, and heat. 

Ceramic Coatings bond directly with a vehicle’s paint. They do not wash away, break down from extreme summer heat, and do not require repeated application every few months. The protection is broad reaching, usually lasting years.

Ceramic Coatings create a surface which repel dirt and water like nothing else, making them fast and simple to clean.

Their improved hardness helps to prevent swirl marks and marring from washing. 

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